Character Animation  

Demoreel opening.
Mix of several animation projects.
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Little cricket-conductor who wants his orchestra to sound perfect, but is seems nobody is going to play nice.
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How often you say "I won't dance" until you hear a lovely music. This is a story about invisible man who sneaks to the roof and...
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  Modelling and Texturing  


  3D Storyboards  

The little cricket-conductor is coming to stage. There is a sound and cheering up. The music begins. The conductor does a great job. It's a lovely music but something is wrong. Wow, that's more than enough! "Now... go home... all of you! until you can play nice..."

The broadcast project to promote "Discovery" TV Channel.

A haunted castle. Camera follows the big hall. Bloody spot on the wall, spider web on the ceiling, skeleton on the floor, silhouette dabbing with a knife...
Welcome to the Helloween Party!

Invisible man sneaking on the roof and dancing by song of Frank Sinatra.

Christmas time. Children sitting on the couch. There is a book. The story about a ghost in a village of Native people.

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